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Fribourg 2014


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The Annual Meeting of STK 2014 was held on
June 5th, 2014 at Ecole d'Ingénieurs et d'Architectes in Fribourg. The Theme was "Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry as Tools for Reaserch and Development".


Bertrand Roduit

Determination of Thermal Hazard from DSC Measurements - Investigation of Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT) of AIBN.

Daniel Freiner
Thermal Analysis in Asia.
Delphine Berset
Comparison of the Vinyl Acetate Solution Polymerization Measurements in Different Calorimeters.

STK Award for Applied Chemical Thermodynamics
Serge Walter
Thermal Energy and Chemistry: from Human Experience to Future Applications over 40 Years Teaching.


Young Scientist Award
Roy Trittschack
Serpentine dehydroxylation: a multi-analytical approach using TGA, XRD and Vibrational Spectroscopy

Elke Hempel
A novel storage interface for TGA-GC/MS analysis.

Charles Guinand
Feed optimization using kinetic model and scale-down approach.

Uwe Hess
Adiabatic Calorimeters.

Sofia Almeida, Noémie Allemann
Polymorphism of Chocolate

Pietro Tanasini
BCl3-amine adduct preparation and purification: a Process Hazard Study

Charles Guinand
Validation of kinetic model based on calorimetric data


Scientific Committee

Pierre BRODARD, EIA-FR, Fribourg
Arnaud GRANDEURY, Novartis, Basel
Rolf HILFIKER, Solvias AG, Basel
Gerhard LEU, Sika Technology AG, Zürich
Francesco MASCARELLO, DSM, Sisseln
Alois RAEMY, pens. Nestlé SA Lausanne
Rudolf RIESEN, pens. Mettler-Toledo, Schwerzenbach
Françis STOESSEL, Swiss Safety Institute, Basel


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TA Instruments

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