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The 46th Annual Meeting of STK 2021, was held on
October 26th 2021 in HEIA-FR Fribourg, and was mainly focused on "Thermal Analysis and Thermal Safety".


Michal Dabros (HEIA, Fribourg, CH), Anikó Udvarhelyi (Novartis, Basel, CH)
Chemometric Modelling of Thermal Properties

Angela Hammer (Mettler-Toledo AG, Nänikon, CH)
Thermal Analysis of a Separator used in Li-ion Batteries

Alain Georg (Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG, Neftenbach, CH)
Fluitec Milli-Conti Reaction Calorimeter

Gaëlle Lebourleux (Setaram, Caluire, France)
Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry for Process Safety Applications

Bertrand Roduit (AKTS SA, Sierre, CH)
Do the safety parameters change during the life of the materials? If YES how much? If NO why not?

Anita Ademi-Hiseni ( Givaudan SA, Vernier, CH)
Reaction Calorimetry – Case Study
Kai Wegmann (Roche, Basel, CH)
Development and Evaluation of a New Screening Workflow for the
Determination of the Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature of

Scientific Committee

Marie-Agnès AESCHLIMANN, Givaudan SA, Geneva
Pierre BRODARD, HEIA-FR, Fribourg
Patrick FURRER, Sika Technology AG, Zürich
Angela HAMMER, Mettler-Toledo, Schwerzenbach
Rolf HILFIKER, Solvias AG, Basel
Francesco MASCARELLO, pens. DSM Ltd, Sisseln
Alois RAEMY, pens. Nestlé SA, La Tour-de-Peilz
Françis STOESSEL, pens. Swissi Process Safety GmbH, Basel
Jürgen THUN, Roche, Basel


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