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The 42th Annual Meeting of STK 2017, was held on
May 4th 2017 at Firmenich in Geneva, and was mainly focused on "Thermal Analysis for Product and Precess Design".


Gilles Oddon (Firmenich SA, CH)
Our Passion for Flavour & Fragrance Ingredients.

STK Award for Applied Chemical Thermodynamics

Prof. Dr. Yrjo Roos (University College Cork, Ireland)
Glass Transition of Foods and Excipients.

Charles Guinand (HEIA-FR; CH)
Accumulation in Fed-Batch Reactor with Multiple Reaction Scheme. 

Florian Eigenmann (Mettler-Toledo, CH)
Online Monitoring of Fermentations with ATR-IR vs. Raman and
Near-Infrared: Challenges in Aqueous Solutions with Current Available PAT

Francis Stoessel (TÜV SÜD Process Safety, CH)
Thermal Analysis can Damage your Ignorance… but Save your Plant.

Angela Hammer (Mettler-Toledo, CH)
Product Design: Thermal Analysis in the Elastomer and Tire Industry.

Bertrand Roduit (AKTS, CH)
Determination of the Shelf Life of Materials. When Only Limited Amounts of Experimental Points are Available and Time is of the Essence.
Uwe Hess (ProSense GmbH, DE)
High Sensitivity Calorimetry on Aceton-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Fermentation.

Juergen Thun (F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, CH)
Thermal Analysis as Integral Part of Solid-Form Screening in API Development.

Serge Walter (ENS de Chimie de Mulhouse, FR)
Electric Energy Storage, Energy Potential and Energy Density : What about Thermal Safety?

Jacques Loubens, (TA Instruments, FR)
A Faster Approach for Obtaining Kinetic Parameters Temperature Modulated Thermogravimetry.


Samuele Giani (Mettler-Toledo, CH)
Fully Automatic Boiling Point Determination of Liquids.

Pilar Perez (HEIA-FR; CH)
Synthesis and modification of the structure of the ionic liquids to optimize their thermoelectric properties.

Rim Jawad (King's College London, UK)
Chocolate: Thermal Analysis and Microscopy.

Scientific Committee

Marie-Agnès AESCHLIMANN, Firmenich SA, Geneva
Pierre BRODARD, HEIA-FR, Fribourg
Patrick FURRER, Sika Technology AG, Zürich
Rolf HILFIKER, Solvias AG, Basel
Francesco MASCARELLO, DSM Ltd, Sisseln
Alois RAEMY, pens. Nestlé SA, La Tour-de-Peilz
Rudolf RIESEN, pens. Mettler-Toledo AG, Schwerzenbach
Françis STOESSEL, Swissi Process Safety GmbH, Basel
Jürgen THUN, Roche, Basel


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