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Sarnen 2010


Scientific comittee


The Annual Meeting of STK 2010 was held on
June 16th, 2010 at Sika in Sarnen and was mainly focused on Polymer and Material Characterization using TA-Techniques.


J. Yerly
Mechanistic Studies of Oxidation Reactions based on Calorimetric Data
T. Rager
Bestimmung der thermodynamischen Stabilitaetsgebiete von Hydraten
A. Hammer
Thin multilayer polymer films analyzed by DSC and TMA

R. Trittschack
Dehydroxylation kinetics of lizardite

F. Kaeser
UHMWPE: Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Cross Linking and Oxidative Behaviour studied with the Chemiluminescence Approach


STK Award for Applied Chemical Thermodynamics
 J. Schawe
Analysis of phase transitions using stochastic temperature modulated DSC (TOPEM)


H. Nilsson
Rapid Process Initiation studied by Reaction Calorimetry

K. Mochizuki
A thermodynamic study on the micellization of C12 surfactants: the effect of the hydrophilic head group

S. Gomez
Developpement of an alternative lid for high pressure stainless steel cells for C80

M. Roch
ITC - Comprehension par la simulation

J. Goebel
Thermogravimetric Analysis in combination with FTIR

J. Goebel
Characterization of curing processes and properties of glue material and resin system with DSC

Scientific Committee

Jean-Nicolas AEBISCHER, EIF, Fribourg
Rolf HILFIKER, Solvias AG, Basel
Siegfried KRIMMER, Roche, Basel
Gerhard LEU, Sika Technology AG, Zürich
Alois RAEMY, Nestlé SA Lausanne
Rudolf RIESEN, Mettler-Toledo, Schwerzenbach
Françis STOESSEL, Swiss Safety Institute, Basel
Benoît ZUFFEREY, Firmenich, La Plaine Genève


Mettler Toledo
TA Instruments

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