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Basel 2005



30 years STK

The 30th Anniversary Symposium of STK was held at the Novartis AG, Basel, Switzerland from September 8 - 9, 2006 and was  focused mainly on applications in food, pharmaceuticals and life science. Thermal analysis and calorimetry as characterisation methods in material science.

Scientific program - Lectures

E. Marti, APCh Marti Consulting, Basel
Diffusion and Transport of Substances: Basic Descriptions and Examples

J. Seelig, Biozentrum, Basel
When peptide meets lipid Greasy folding

B. Roduit, AKTS, Sierre
Up-scaling of DSC data of self-heating materials

STK Award for young scientists
A. Zogg, Ciba-Specialities, Basel
Small scale reaction calorimetry

F. Stoessel, EPFL Lausanne, Sicherheitsinstitut Basel
Novel approach to emergency relief design using calorimetric methods

C. Mantelis, EPFL, Lausanne
Particularities of Calorimetry with Supercritical Fluid 

U. J. Griesser, University Innsbruck, A
Characterization of Bromhexine Hydrochloride Polymorphs

STK Award Lecture
M. Maciejewski, ETH Zürich
Towards better air over Switzerland Application of thermal analysis in catalytic research

F. Stowasser, D. Giron, P. Piechon, Novartis Pharma, Basel
Crystal modelling and polymorphism 

F. Blatter, H. Süss, R. Mahlknecht, R. Hilfiker, Solvias AG, Basel
Pharmaceutical Co-Crystals Screening, Properties and Applications

N. Zencirci, U. J. Griesser, University Innsbruck, A
Crystal forms of Barbital News about a classic polymorphic system 

M. Descamps, University Lille, F
Amorphous pharmaceutical material, characterization and manipulation

M. Mutz, S. Monnier, P. Schwab, T. Buser, D. Giron, Novartis Pharma, Basel
Determination of Crystallinity by Microcalorimetry and Solution Calorimetry as Standard Tests in Pharmacopoeia

J. Adolphs, Porotec GmbH, Hofheim, D
Determination of Amorphous content by DVS

R. Riesen, Mettler-Toledo
Advanced Techniques in Temperature Modulation DSC

Ph. Rousset, O.Schafer, C. Appolonia, A. Raemy,
Nestle Research, Vers chez-les-Blanc
Effect of emulsifiers on fat crystallization

G. Naundorf, Perkin-Elmer
HyperDSC - the breakthrough in thermal analysis 

E. Füglein, Netzsch Gerätebau GmBH, D
Thermogravimetry and evolved Gas-Analysis


W. Kunze, J. Loubens, M. Schennen,Waters GmbH, UB TA Instruments
Temperaturmodulierte DSC (MDSC™) mit Tzero™ Technik. Einfachere Parameterwahl, schnellere Heizraten und höhere Sicherheit der analytischen Daten

Y. Ricci, Ch. Mayoux, Setaram, Caluire, F
The Thermally Stimulated Current (TSC) technique and its domains of application

K. Chansanroj1, G. Betz2, H. Leuenberger2
1Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
2Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Basel
Thermal characterization of hydrogenated soybean oil as a controlled release regulator for hot melt coated pellets

H. Nilsson1, U. Hess2, 1ChemiSens Int. AB, Lund, S, 1 ProSense GmbH, Munich, D
Use of reaction calorimetry for the study of rapid redox initiation

V. Plotnikov, A. Rochalski, M. Brandts, J.M. Brandts, S. Williston, V. Frasca, L.-N. Lin, MicroCal, Northampton, MA, USA
A New Automated Isothermal Titration Calorimetry System for Increased Throughput

V. Plotnikov, A. Rochalski, M. Brandts, J.F. Brandts, S. Williston, V. Frasca, L.-N. Lin, MicroCal, Northampton, MA, USA
Fully-automated ultrasensitive DSC for high-throughput studies of biopharmaceutical formulations and drug discovery

D. Giron, S. Monnier, T. Buser, P. Piechon, Novartis Pharma, Basel
Thermogravimetry as routine analyse, determination of accuracy

S. Monnier, T. Buser, D. Giron, M. Mutz, Novartis Pharma, Basel
Microcalorimetry and routine control of amorphous content, validation examples

J. Wiss
Safety Improvement of a Highly Exothermic Grignard Reaction using On-Line NIR-Monitoring

M.F. Kok
Characterization of Crude Oils by Thermal Analysis Techniques


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