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Basel 2005



30 years STK

Welcome of the President
Danielle Giron

The Swiss Society for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (STK) celebrated its 30th anniversary in the Novartis Learning Center Horburg. It was a great pleasure for the president of the STK, Mrs Dr. D. Giron  (Novartis Pharma CHAD) to have the hospitality of Novartis for this celebration and she addressed her best thanks to Novartis in name of the STK.
Opening, Danielle Giron


The meeting started on September 8th with the welcome address of Dr. Ettlin. The aim of the association STK is to assemble scientists and specialists from universities and industries in the field of thermal analysis and calorimetry. The members of the board are from the industry and university. Every year national meetings of STK as well as from time to time joined meetings with the french, the italian or the german partner societies take place. STK promotes research of high level and is awarding the  Price for “Applied Chemical Thermodynamics” nearly every year and also a price for young scientists. The 30th anniversary meeting was focused mainly on applications in food, pharmaceuticals and life science. 18 lectures and 11 posters were presented from the industry and several universities (Basel, Lausanne, Zurich, Innsbruck, Lille). 


Welcome address, Robert Ettlin

Marek Maciejewski of the ETH received the STK award 2005 for his research in coupled techniques in thermal analysis (TA-MS, TA-FTIR and especially pulsed TA) and their application for investigating gas-solid reactions, solid state kinetics, solid state chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis. The price for young scientist has been attributed to Andreas Zogg (Ciba-SC)for the development of a new reaction calorimeter for kinetic analysis.
STK-Award 2005


Posters and Exhibition (12 companies) sessions were devoted to exchange and discussions.
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