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Fribourg 2006




The STK Symposium 2006 was held on June 2006 at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg. The focus was on Modern Process Technologies - from Macro to Micro - Challenges for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

Scientific program - Lectures

Peter Ryser, Thomas Maeder
Integrated calorimetric microreactor in low-temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) technology

B. Roduit, Y. Ricci, P. Folly, B. Berger, J. Mathieu, H. Andres, B. Vogelsanger
Advanced Life-time Predictions: Advantage of Simultaneous Application of non-isothermal DSC and HFC Data

Fabian Käser
Life Expectancy Prediction of Organic Solid States Based on Chemiluminescence Experiments and Model Free Simulation

Ennio Cantergiani, Pascal Fuchsmann
Thermal Analysis and Soft Ionization Mass Spectrometry


STK Prize for Young Scientist
Benoît Zufferey, Francis Stoessel
Safe Scale-up of Chemical Reactors using the Scale-down Approach

Robert Ashe
COFLUX® Control – A new Process Analytical Technology based on Calorimetry

Julian Lüscher
Screening Calorimetry on Parallel Small Scale Reactor Systems

Andriy Skilnyy, Carl Wilhelm Schlaepfer
The Thermal Analysis of the Swollen Hydrogels with Different Degree of Cross-linking

Rudolf Riesen, J.E.K. Schawe
Non-equilibrium Phase Diagrams Sucrose-Water Systems

Y. Ricci, B. Abou Ghanem, Ch. Mayoux
Thermally Stimulated (TSC) Technique, Qualitative and Quantitative Tool for the Pharmaceutical Domain


M. Bellus, G. Morandi, S. Monnier, P. Piechon, F. Stowasser,  D. Giron
A compatible system for microscale HTS RAMAN and X-ray diffraction

Pascal Fuchsmann, Ennio Cantergiani
Real-time Analysis of Barley Roasting Using Soft Ionization Mass Spectrometry

St. Gianoli, G. Richner, J. Billeter, F. Visentin, G. Puxty, K. Hungerbühler
Measurement and modelling of semi-batch reactions using smallscale reaction calorimetry, in-situ spectroscopy and gas consumption/production

Fabian Käser
Development of Chemiluminescence-Prototype

M. Mutz, G. Morandi
Microscale Slurry Experiments to Investigate Stability of Polymorphs and Hydrates

M. Mutz, A. Motreff, M. Monnier, T. Buser, P. Schwab, S. Monnier, D. Giron
Use of highthroughput microcalorimeter for faster determination of amorphous content


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