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Lausanne 2003



STK Meeting 2003 was held at Nestlé Research Centre Vers-chez-les-Blanc Lausanne, Switzerland on November 5, 2003 with the following topics:Thermal analysis, calorimetry, related and coupled techniques applied to foods, biopolymers, polymers and pharmaceutical.

Scientific program - Lectures

Food Session

Heribert Watzke, NRC, Lausanne (CH)
The role of Food Science at NRC

Prof. Valerij Grinberg, Russian Academy of Science, 
 Institute of Biochemical Physics, Moscow (RUS)
High-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry: 
Basic principles and main applications in protein sciences

Food and Pharma Session

Prof. Perla Relkin, ENSIA, Massy (F)
Fat crystallization in ice-cream mix models, as affected by adsorbed protein  layers: a DSC study

Peter Johansson, Thermometric AB, Järfälla (S)
Isothermal microcalorimetry - A universal tool for research and quality  control. Application examples with special reference to the pharmaceutical  and food industries

Stéphanie Garnier, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel (CH)
 STK Award for Young Scientist for Applied Chemical Thermodynamics
Quantification of amorphous content in a drug substance

Biopolymers and Polymers Session

Daniel Kalnin, Université Paris-Sud, Chatenay-Malabry (F)
TAG crystallization in emulsions : DSC/XRDT study of triacylglycerol

Rudolf Riesen, Mettler-Toledo, Schwerzenbach (CH)
Advantages of fast Thermal Analysis for polymer characterization

Related Techniques Session

Christine Mayoux, Setaram, Caluire (F)
Thermally Stimulated Current (TSC)spectroscopy and structure of material

Bertrand Roduit, AKTS, Sierre
Advanced tools for prediction of thermal ageing,safety analysis and migration from food packaging

 Willy Surer, Lab Plus AG, Jona (CH)
 Modern Thermoanalytical systems and its benefit for quality control 
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